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Laser Hair Removal PRP for Hair Restoration

PRP Hair Restoration

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) hair loss treatment is an innovative method for the treatment of male & female hair loss. PRP is based on the platelet rich plasma, an enriched in platelets portion of blood that is easily extracted after a special treatment of a small blood sample. Its direct injection into the area affected by hair loss appears to be a highly effective hair loss treatment, since it takes advantage of the various growth factors that platelets contain, which promote cell proliferation and tissue regeneration.

How is the treatment performed?

PRP treatment is implemented under strict specifications of hygiene & safety by the trained professional accordance with the following protocol:

  1. Blood collection (like a general blood test) up to 50cc

  2. Blood centrifugation in order to separate and extract the plasma as well as the platelets

  3. Infusion of the multi-potent platelet-rich plasma into the area affected by hair loss (topical anaesthesia has been previously performed)

Is PRP a safe hair loss treatment?

PRP is an absolutely safe treatment with no side effects. PRP is a simple and virtually painless process performed by professionals under strict specifications of hygiene & safety. Moreover, PRP is itself an antimicrobial & anti-inflammatory biological material and therefore it provides antiseptic action and protection.

PRP treatment has been implemented for years in wound healing (orthopaedics, chronic ulcers, burns and surgical scars) with very impressive results.

Are there any contraindications?

They are few and related to unregulated blood sugar or anticoagulant treatment. Before any PRP treatment, you practitioner carefully reviews your health history.

How often should the PRP treatment be offered?

The frequency for the PRP treatment depends on each case, and it is usually course of 4 treatments is recommended.