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Having Acne most of my life i always had lack of confidence due to it. I would constantly visit my Dermatologist and was advised to be on Roaccutane. After doing constant research on Anti biotics i kept reading side affects were Acne Scarring and was always afraid of this. Booked in my Consultation with Jay at Sky Clinic after seeing they specialise in skin conditions such as Acne.

During my consultation i was advised by Jay in depth about prevention before talking about cure. He asked me many questions about my daily regime with skin care and products i use and he nearly turned my whole world upside down by realising i was using a lot of oil based products and advised me to start over with totally new products ( This meant i had to throw all my products away)

Being advised that i should from now on only used mineral based products he sold me three products. A Face wash, Moisturiser and Spf. I obliged and bought them as he did seem like he knows what he is talking about.

So then came the cure…Micro-Needling. I nearly jumped of my seat when he mentioned “needling” as i do have a fear of needles. He did calm me down when he explained the keyword was “Micro”

So it commenced…6 sessions of Dermapen Micro-Needling. After the first i saw my skin had a slight improvement but OMG after the 5th and 6th i was shocked to see drastic results! No Scarring, Acne improved by 95% and now i wear no make up at all. My Product regime has stayed the same from what was advised and i can not believe how good my skin is. I have posted my picture with my results!! The care to attention from Sky Clinic is amazing not only do they treat your problem but the advice i got was priceless with no extra charge!!!

Thank you Jay and Sky Clinic for making me to be a different woman!! Highly Recommended!!

Having my big wedding day coming in 2 weeks i had to get pampered and looking my best. I contacted Sky Clinic as i heard about their famous Facial that they do. I went in for a free consultation and after having a chat i found that they can do everything i need to make me look lush and camera ready for my big day.

My Teeth:

Pre Wedding Treatments i had:

I booked in for their great Teeth whitening Treatment where i gained 13 Shades on my Teeth giving me the greatest white smile.
I had their advanced medical facial from them which was shockingly amazing. My skin was glowing and so smooth and when my make up artist was applying my make up and even she was shocked how the make up was sticking to my face that she went in the next day and got one done to.
I also booked in for a little bit of botox to give my face the tightness look

After having this done i would really like to thank Sally from Sky Clinic as i looked amazing for my big day and with her extensive knowledge she was the one who advised me what to do and what not to do. I was ready to go all out but with her honesty she stopped me from wasting my money on treatments i did not need.

The doctors at Sky Clinic are so professional and extremely good. Having botox done many times before this is the first time i really felt 10 years younger after having a small amount on my forehead.

I am extremely grateful for your service and i would not step foot in any other clinic apart from Sky Clinic because their honesty is not something to you can get in any other clinic as in others you get people ready to put their hands in your pocket the minute you walk in.

Thank you to the Sky Clinic Team for making my big day a bigger perfect day!

After many years of attending the gym i always struggled with loosing my stubborn stomach fat and cellulite in my thighs.

I found out about Sky Clinic which was in the daily mail after treating the famous Talulah-Eve Brown.

I booked in for a consultation and was advised to have 2 Freezes on my stomach and a course of 3D lipo for my cellulite.

After only 4 treatments my Cellulite had reduced drastically and after a course of 8 all of my cellulite was gone.

I feel so much more confident now when i got to the beach or swimming and all thanks to Sky Clinic. Highly recommended and very professional. Thanks Sky Clinic

I first went to get my eyebrows done at another clinic/ beauty shop if Tamworth. After being treated very poorly and being discriminated against, I have spent the last month trying to find a place that was in the city that I live.

After a month of searching, I found a Salon that performed micro blading, my only concern was that the hygiene and place looked very dirty, and I decided that I was not getting my eyebrows done there, and I may as well give up.

This place was recommended to me by a friend, and I’m disappointed that I did not find this place sooner! It would have saved me a lot of time and effort!

The place it self is extremely clean, and immaculate. The lady that done my brows, was so nice and helpful; not to mention the owner was caring and very nice too!

My eyebrows are great. I must admit, it’s going to take some time getting use to them, but I can’t complain, My Therapist did everything I asked her to.

This place is absolutely great, and I cannot fault it one bit.

Working in the front line of a leading property developing company and selling high priced properties my image is very important.
I always felt embarrassed about my black circles around my eyes. I emailed sky clinic expressing my concern and received a reply that same day.
I booked an appointment around 6:30pm as I work till 5, which made it a lot easier for me as I lead a very demanding working life.
Parking was easy as the side road had lots of space which you can park for an hour, they did also have a car park at the back of the building but its on a first come first serve basis and was full.
I rang the buzzer at the bottom of the building next to the hairdressers, which was clearly signed Stanley court and was buzzed in. I walked up the stairs and was invited in by the manager to this lovely designed clinic on the top floor.
I was so glad it was in a discrete location rather than a shop front, which made me more confident that the treatments I had were private and confidential.
As I went in I was offered some refreshments. I was astounded by the lovely views and overwhelmed with the beauty of the clinic its self. I was called in straight away and began my consultation.
The practitioner knew and understood exactly what I had wanted.
The practitioner was very well thorough with the explanation of the treatment I was going to have and also explained how it was going to help me which made me feel at ease.
During the treatment she explained step by step what she was doing and how it was going to help me. After my first treatment I was astonished at the results. I went back to finish my treatment plan over the next few weeks and noticed that it did not just treat my circles around my eyes but totally evened out my skin color throughout my face and removed all the sun damaged skin on my forehead.
The price was so reasonable for I had achieved I would recommend Sky Clinic to anybody.

Had my wedding coming up in next couple of weeks and were looking for a skin rejuvenation treatment.

I found Skinbreeze on Google and was amazed at the so-called “celebrity facial”. I contacted them and they advised me that sky clinic was the only clinic in Birmingham that provided it.

I contacted them and they booked me in straight away. My face was so smooth and glowing, when I had my make up artist come in to apply my make up she was stunned at how the foundation was sticking to my face giving me a total natural look. Loved it.

Would totally recommend Sky Clinic to a friend purely for it’s a stunning design, professional staff and the location.

After a car accident 2 years ago I had a scar on my forehead, I used to use a lot of foundation on that area to cover it up as it made me feel very insecure about my looks.

I called up Sky Clinic and I was invited in for a consultation. Had a consultation with a clinical manager Salome and she advised me that the best way to reduce a scar was the Dermapen micro needling treatment and that I would need at least 4 sessions.

We got started straight away with my first treatment. I did not see results straight away and I was advised about that. But after my third treatment I could see a miraculous result and my scar started to fade away.

I continued my treatment with sky clinic and after my 5th treatment my scar was barely noticeable.

It made me a lot more confident and was ready to face the world with no make up. Many Thanks

I visited Sky Clinic after years of suffering with acne, which had always affected my confidence.

I contacted Sky Clinic and the receptionist was very friendly and helpful and was invited in for a consultation within few days.

The Clinic is absolutely stunning, clean and had lovely views of Birmingham city Centre.

The practitioner sat me down and asked what I had wanted to achieve and made out a plan for me. She made me feel at ease, as it was the first time I had ever spoken to anybody about it.

My treatment started straight away and after my hour’s treatment I was advised thoroughly about my after care to get the best results. I noticed a difference straight away.

Over the next week my skin had dramatically improved, as had my confidence.

I felt like a new woman can’t wait for my next appointment in 4 weeks. Thank you Sky clinic.